Privacy Policy

Customer’s privacy is the most important priority of our web pharmacy. We are pretty careful and cautious when it comes to protect personal data of our buyers. Our privacy policy is designed in such a way that all the details are protected and they are never shared with other people.

We require certain details before and during order, such as full name, residential address, email ID, personal phone number, credit card details, etc. All these particulars are secured in a database that is accessed only by the top-level authorities of We ensure you that all your details will be kept confidential and will not be used for any other purpose, except while initiating and processing the order.

The information secured with us is solely for business process. We allow our customers to update, change or erase their details at any time they want. More importantly, our privacy policy applies no spamming role, which means we will not trouble you by sending promotional offers frequently to your email ID.