Ordering Medications

Is it legal to purchase medications through an overseas online pharmacy without prescription?

Yes, it is legitimate to acquire medicines to buy online with or without prescription. If you want to buy an OTC (over-the-counter) drug, you need not require providing a prescription. However, a prescription medicine needs a medical prescription. Thousands of people buy medicines online without prescription. With the power of internet, you can buy medicinal drugs online without even leaving your couch. It is safe to purchase medications online through RoyalPharmax.

Are the medicines safe and FDA-approved?

Absolutely! Every medicine sold on RoyalPharmax is approved by the drug regulatory body, the FDA. Moreover, they are bought directly from licensed pharmaceutical organizations. They are absolutely safe and effective when it comes treating medical conditions. We only deal in medications that are regulated and controlled by the drug regulatory bodies.

Who looks after the order?

Once you place your order and pay, our representatives confirm it via mail. After verifying all details, our representatives look after further procedures – such as packaging and shipping.

Can I track the order?

Yes, you can easily track your order by approaching our customer support team. Our executive will provide you all the information you require by tracking your order details. This also helps you be assured of the whereabouts.

Drug Price

Why all the medicines are sold at lower price?

All the medicines are generics, which means they are nothing but the versions of certain brand drugs. A generic medicine contains same ingredient as the brand medicine, which is not available in the US due to patent laws. Simply put, a brand medicine costs for production, development, manufacturing, advertising, marketing, promotion, etc. All these stuffs are waived off when it comes to a generic medicine. Therefore, generic medicines are a way too cheaper than their branded counterpart are. Moreover, we are the direct supplier; we do entertain any third party or distributors. We provide you medicines directly from the pharmaceutical company, which cuts off the distributor charges.

Can I rely on these cheap generic drugs?

Yes, you can totally rely on our generic medicine. They are absolutely safe and reliable. As mentioned above, we source all the therapeutic drugs from licenced pharmaceutical organizations, which produce drugs under the regulations laid by the drug regulatory bodies. All the medicines are result-oriented and are relatively cheaper.


Do I need to provide you prescriptions for all my orders?

To buy certain prescription drugs, you need to provide us your medical prescription via email or fax. You can provide it before or after placing your order with our website. Our representative will contact you regarding your prescription.

If I want to buy an OTC drug, do I need to provide the prescription?

Generally, there is no need of a prescription if you want to buy OTC medicines. However, we would like to suggest you one thing i.e. consulting your doctor before using any non-prescription drugs. This will help you use the medicine safely.


What payment options you have?

You can pay for your medicine through credit card or echeck(US customer). Make sure you enter appropriate details to prevent any kind of impediments.

Do you have any hidden charges?

Not at all! We are crystal-clear when it comes to business ethics. We do not apply any sort of hidden charges on your order.

Do you deduct any sales or service tax?

We do not deduct or charge any kind of taxes from our customers.

Are you reliable enough to provide my credit card details?

We are a trustworthy online pharmacy, where you can order and provide vital credentials with a great peace of mind. We apply extremely advanced software technologies that help us secure all your details. Nobody can access to your details, except you and our top-level authorities. We are completely aware of the importance of your hard-earned money.

Shipment and Delivery

Do you ship medicines across the globe?

Yes, we do ship medications across the globe. We deliver medicines to the place you prefer. However, the duration of delivery may vary, but we make sure your medicines are deliver within the stipulated time.

When you initiate the shipping process?

Our dedicated shipping department dispatches your medications within 24 hours of order. Orders made on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are dispatched on the next working day. A confirmation mail is sent to you once shipping process is initiated.

Do you follow standard shipping policies?

We follow all the guidelines when it comes to packaging and shipping the medical products. Our special team does the packaging in a very secured manner so that your order reaches with utmost safety.

Do you have any free shipping offers?

Yes, but only on bulk purchase. Customers who purchase medicines in bulk can reap the benefit of free shipping offer. Order above $100 are shipped free.


Will you refund if my order is not delivered?

Yes, we definitely refund your money if we fail to provide your medicines. However, you need to go through our refund policy. There is a protocol to apply for a refund. Our representative, after verifying all details, will initiate refund.

Do I get the refund on the delivery of wrong product?

Firstly, we will verify all the details. If the error is from us, we will re-ship your order without charging anything from you. Or else, you can ask for refund by contacting our customer support executive.

Do I get my money back if the medicine delivered is outdated?

Frankly speaking, we did not experience this kind of case yet. We check all the details of the medicine before packaging and shipping. However, if you get an expired date medicine, we will provide you the fresh medicine or make a refund after verifying all the details.

Do I get the refund if I am not satisfied with the product?

We are extremely sorry to say that we do not refund if you are not satisfied with the efficacy of the medicine. That is because the medicine is prescribed by your doctor. We are merely a supplier. Therefore, we always insist you to talk to your doctor before making a purchase of medicines, irrespective of local or online pharmacy shop.